The Department of Materials consists of 5 areas and a group.


Plan and organize the development of the department optimizing its human and material resources.

· Promote research projects that can be located within the programs already established in the department where it is aims to contribute to the solution of the main problems of the country and to support teaching activities.

· Promote the participation of other departments and other institutions in the development of research projects.

· To teach the theoretical and practical subjects corresponding to the department's own fields of knowledge and to develop the respective programs and teaching materials.

· Form a workforce with high-academic career teachers and promote training and updating programs for department staff.

· Promote activities that allow to disseminate the knowledge of the areas of the department.

· Establish good communication links between students and teachers, and both with the authorities.

· Perform social service programs related to the department's own areas of knowledge.

· Promote activities that allow the relevance of bachelor's degrees supported by the department and the consolidation of its graduate programs in materials science and engineering and structural engineering.




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