General Objectives

I.- Encourage applied research in the construction sector.

II.- Improve the development of the academic level of the staff of teachers in the area.

III.- Link the investigation of the area with teaching.

IV.- Disseminate the results of applied research.

Specific Objectives

· Determine and improve the quantity and quality of construction work products.

· Promote the signing of collaboration agreements with public and private institutions for teaching, research and dissemination, where the area contributes to technological development.

· To interest students in their contribution to the solution of the country's great infrastructure needs, providing services to social groups that lack the means to access them (social service).

· Implement diplomas or upgrade courses specific to the construction area, to offer them to external and internal stakeholders.

· Teach subjects corresponding to the fields of knowledge of the Area and develop their programs and teaching materials.

· Address new research topics and Learning Teaching Units in terms of technological advancement.


Organizational Structure

Research Programs and Projects

The Area has a Chief who coordinates his academic and administrative activities.

All members of the Area have the same academic and labor rights and obligations.

The current projects approved by the Divisional Council are:

a) Concrete science and technology.

b) Management of construction projects.

c) Polymer Matrix Composite Materials.

As it does not have a specific name that integrates authorized research projects within its objectives, it is proposed to group them as follows:

Construction engineering management and development

That would cover approved projects of:

· Economic housing.

· Construction management.

· Topography applied to construction.

Concrete science and technology.

What would be covered by authorized projects of:

· High-behavior concretes.

· Polymer Matrix Composite Materials.


Degree obtained

Economic Number
Professors in Graduate Studies
Dr. Rocha Chiu Luís Antonio
Meng. Panamá Armendáriz Iván

Meng. Casales Hernández Luís Fernando

Luís Antonio Rocha Chiu

Titular "C"
T. C.

Doctorate 2011
Developing thesis to obtain that degree.

Francisco González Díaz Associated “D”
T. C.
Doctorate 2010    
Jesús Antonio Flores Bustamante Titular “C”
T. C.
Master in engineering 2002(Construction)    
Amando José Padilla Ramírez Associated “D”
T. C.
Master of Science    
Tarcisio Gama Ponce Associated “D”
T. C.
Master's Degree in Economic and Cost Engineering. 100% Credits    
Mauricio Iván Panamá Armendáriz Assistant “B”
T. C.
Master of Engineering 2011(Construction) He is conducting studies.    
Work Products


The work products of all teachers in the Construction Area, between 2005 and 2009 related to the research projects approved by the Divisional Council, are summarized below and listed as follows:

Work products

Books and software
1. Pruneda Padilla J. Antonio., “Administración estratégica condominal”, Ed. Publicaciones Administrativas Contables Jurídicas, S.A., ISBN 970-9857-26-6, (2005).

2. Alcántara García, Dante A., “Topografía”, in editorial process, Grupo Editorial Patria CECSA (2005).

3. Alcántara García Dante A., “Topografía y sus aplicaciones”, Ed. Grupo Editorial Patria, Mexico, February (2007) ISBN 970-24-0915-2
Teaching support material
1. Alcántara García Dante A. “Guía abreviada para el manejo de estaciones totales” Ed. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Azcapotzalco (2005)  
Newspaper Articles and Radio Programs
1. Pruneda Padilla J. Antonio, “Vivienda Bienestar – Entrevista sobre Administración de Condominios”, Radio Bienestar, Frecuencia 1320 A.M., (September 27, 2005)  
National and international articles
Memoirs at national congress
Memoirs at international congress
Lectures at national congress
Lectures at international congress
Lectures given

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