The Department of Materials, DM, of the Division of Basic Sciences and Engineering of the Azcapotzalco unit of the UAM has as mission:

1. Integrally train human beings by offering them quality education at the bachelor's and graduate level related to:

a) The study, design and construction of structures for civil works, taking into account the environment in which they perform (study of the smos, of underground works, the effect of wind) as well as the application of engineering principles to the execution of public works according to the characteristics of the materials of the Earth's crust.

b) The study of materials, their synthesis, characterization, development and use in the industrial and research activities of members of the various economically productive sectors.

 2. Conduct basic and applied research on multiple materials as well as their use to apply them in the design of solutions to the pressing problems of local and national development.


To be the first option at the national level for people wishing to train as Civil and Metallurgical Engineers, and for those who seek to expand their knowledge and achieve a higher degree of enablement at the postgraduate level in the field of Materials Science and Engineering and Structure Engineering by being recognized by the Conacyt as an international level.

To be a nationally and internationally recognized reference as an adjuvant agent and producer of solutions to national and international problems related to materials and structures, through the basic and applied research carried out by our Research Areas and Consolidated Academic Bodies, which form international networks and are able to obtain external resources to develop their activities.



Dr. Juan Daniel Muñoz Andrade
In charge of the Department of Materials


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