H E A D   O F   D E P A R T M E N T





The Department of Materials consists of the following Research Areas:


Construction, Materials Engineering, Materials Science, Structures and the Research Group of Geotechnics.




The teaching that develop the professors in the Department of Materials is organized into 24 thematic groups.



            The academic offer is supported primarily on the Bachelor of Engineering (B Eng) courses:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Metallurgical Engineering

              And the postgraduate courses:

  • Materials Science and Engineering (Mat Sc & Eng)

  • Structural Engineering

  Mission |  Vision



D E P A R T A M E N T A L    O B J E C T I V E S


      Plan and organize the development of the department by optimizing its human and material resources.


     Promote research projects, congruent with the programs already established in the department, aiming to contribute to solve the main problems of the country and to support teaching activities.


      Promote the participation of other departments and other institutions in developing research projects.


      Impart theoretical and practical of subjects relevant to the fields of expertise of the department and develop programs and didactic materials respective.


      Create a teachers staff with high academic level and promote training programs and updating the department staff.


      Promote activities to disseminate knowledge of the areas of the department.


      Establish good communication links between students and teachers, and both with the authorities.


      Establish social service programs related to own area of knowledge of the department.


      Promote activities that enable the relevance of the courses that supports the department and the consolidation of its graduate programs in science and engineering materials and structural engineering.




M A I L B O X    O F    C O M M E N T A R I E S